1 762 m in altitude - 55 KM - 2h – 700 m elevation +

From Briançon Serre Chevalier

The l'Echelle pass, France

« 20 000 hectares of pure nature from 1 600 m in altitude up to 3 178 m. This offers the Southern Alps' light in a mountain scenery. You will discover its authentic little mountain villages all along the crystal-clear waters of the Clarée river. »

From Briançon (1326m), mythical city of cyclism, 33 times stopover town of the Tour de France, you will pass in front of the 1700 built walled city design by Vauban, to the Clarée valley, classed natural site with amazing landscapes.

Along the 20 km of uphill ground rise, you will pass by four hamlets: La Vachette, Le Rosier, Val des Près and Plampinnet before starting the 3 km long ascension at 6.5% in average of the Col de l’Echelle (1762m).

Short break in Névache (1596m), an authentic village, for a well deserved refuelling before heading back for the last 25 kms down to Briançon.

The coach's advices

The coach's advices

Small but sturdy the high percentages until the antena will make you regret a too intense ride in the vallée de la Clarée to Névache portion.

+ Mythical passes

Come to ride on our most beautiful mountains passes and participate in the challenges of their climbs.

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